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Magic Myth Double Stack

Magic Myth Double Stack

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Why have 1, when you can have 2?

Magic Myth is our best seller and the best pre-workout in the market. To top it off, it is also the best tasting pre-workout in the market. 

Honeydew Watermelon is our best-seller and Fruit Punch quenches the thirst of the sweet tooth. Now what happens when you mix the two? Are you ready to make a Magic Myth cocktail?

Imagine this...
Around 20 minutes after the delicious flow of honeydew fruity goodness reaches the back of your throat you can expect to feel a smooth rush of energy alongside an intense yet unbreakable focus. Magic Myth’s patented amino acid formulation helps you find your limits and crush past them, whether it’s the bench press PR you’ve been chasing, or the final round in sparring when you’re digging deepest.

You don't need to imagine anymore, grab the stack and let us know how you go!

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