Why Alpha Nutrition


Why order from you?

Alpha Nutrition™ is an Australian supplement company, but at the same time so much more. Arriving in Australia from Sri Lanka as a young boy, Mith knows what it’s like to grow up surrounded by doubt and old school thinking about how to live his life and what should or should not be allowed. The Alpha Pack exists to educate and enlighten our Wolves on how to overcome these mental barriers and level up in all areas including training, nutrition, career, confidence, and motivation. That’s what makes us “More Than a Supplement Company”.

How many customers have used this? 

Since we launched in late 2020 thousands of Alpha Pack members have felt the touch of Magic, and this number is growing every day!  

Who was this invented by? 

Magic Myth© is the creation of our Founder & CEO Mithunan (MIth) Jayamohan. Mith has a decade of experience in Health & Fitness both as a Personal Trainer and Registered Physiotherapist. 

Where is this formulated? Is it a cheap or dangerous product sourced from China? 

Magic Myth© is formulated by our team in Sydney, Australia and is manufactured in a GMP-approved factory in the United States. We chose to manufacture in the US due to greater access to superior ingredients and custom formulas.

What exactly do I get? 

1 tub of Magic Myth© Pre-Workout in either Fruit Punch or Honeydew Watermelon flavour. Each tub contains 30 servings.

How do I use this product?

Mix 1 scoop of Magic Myth© with cold water, shake or stir until all the powder has dissolved. Drink within 30 minutes.

How old do you have to be to use this?

There is no recommended lower or upper age limit, however we advise that people under 16 should take caution if using Magic Myth© as it contains caffeine. 

Experience the Magic today.