About Us

“You are lucky man”, “if I trained like you, I would be so lean”, “if only I had your genetics”, “I wish I could eat anything like you and look like you”. Sound familiar? Most people only see the final result and assume if they do the same thing and they are given the same opportunities they could attain similar results. Let me break it to you, that’s not how it works. Take the ‘if’ out of your life and start saying "I will and I am" - that is how you'll change the way you play the game of life and start winning!

The truth is that each individual reacts differently to varying situations and one small change in your journey can lead to a different destination. This is my journey and I’m yet to reach my destination.

Founder of Alpha Nutrition

Mithunan Jayamohan



Alpha Nutrition aims to provide our pack with supplements and vitamins of the highest quality. Our mission is to provide you with the tools to elevate your performance from a 'pick me up' in the morning to superior athletic performance in your professional endeavors. 


"We believe there is an alpha in each of us.
It's time to unleash yours."